Shelby Keierleber

     Loosely defined yet articulately painted spaces of design-conscious

offices and residences reveal how our projected selves affect our environment. There exists a heightened consideration for symmetry and cleanliness within the expansive yet sparse rooms of these paintings. The gloss of opaquely applied acrylic paints lend a plasticity to surfaces while jewel-like bright colors are descriptive of the visual opulence these spaces are intended to offer. Mid-century modern chairs serve as a symbol of an object that is culturally idolized yet is attainable at a steep price; referencing an elitism gained through commercial means. Personal objects and asymmetric elements are few and far between as these idealized rooms are more useful at impressing guests and mimicking editorials than they are at serving a functional purpose for the their inhabitants. This urge to mask the private self with the public out of consideration is something I bring to attention and exaggerate; in all of its brightly colored consumerist absurdness. An individual becomes as aware of their public projected image in their own home as they are any place else.

Painter BFA University of Kansas, Lawrence 25

EXHIBITIONS 2017 Exhibition with Aaron Sinclair, Pleasures, Nous Tous Gallery–Los Angeles, CA 2016 Regional Flatfile Show, H&R Blockspace– Kansas City, MO Baked Fresh Daily, The Drugstore Studios– Kansas City, MO Hott Sheets, Wonder Fair—Lawrence, KS 2015 solo exhibition Summer 2015: forms Of Flattery, Wonder Fair—Lawrence, KS Wanting To Know but Not Wanting To Ask, Project Space – Kansas City, MO Student Juried Art Show, Cultural Mosaic, Spencer Museum of Art – Lawrence, KS 2014 Student Juried Art Show, Spencer Museum of Art – Lawrence, KS Young Women Artists YWA’s, Wonder Fair – Lawrence, KS 2013 Sublime, Phoenix Gallery – Lawrence, KS 2009 Landscapes, J.Design - Kansas City, MO

PUBLICATIONS & REVIEWS 2015 The Pitch: “Agenda First Friday”, Sears on A Side Table, Wanting to Know But Not Wanting to Ask, Week of February 5th-11th, pgs. 8 and 24 inkkc: March 4th, 2015, “Project Space”, Wanting to Know But Not Wanting to Ask”, pg. 7 2013 Wide Closing Spaces, Kiosk magazine, forty-eight, pg. 19 Urban Expansion, Security, Kiosk magazine, 49, pgs. 60-61

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